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Become a TreeProject Financial Member

Your membership is vital to TreeProject. Become a financial member now and make a practical and immediate difference to our environment.

By supporting Tree Project you’ll be restoring ecosystems, improving water quality and fighting climate change – for the benefit of us all. Your financial membership provides the funding we need to train and support our volunteers and enable them to grow robust, healthy seedlings.

Getting at-cost Indigenous seedlings from TreeProject is often all the incentive and encouragement landholders need to start revegetating and repairing degraded land.

Landholder PlantingBecome a TreeProject Member

TreeProject Memberships Options:

  • Single – $33 (1 year)
  • Couple – $55 (1 year)
  • Family – $66 (1 year)
  • Non-commercial group – $66 (1 year)
  • Business membership – $330 (1 year)
  • Life membership – $330
  • Family life membership – $550

Give a gift membership

Know a keen gardener or someone who likes to make a difference? A TreeProject membership is a perfect gift.